Welcome to Qi-Gong of Sedona

Welcome to Qi-Gong of Sedona …   a heart opening experience.  We are a partnership consisting of Nancy Rodman and Rick Blough.  After teaching together for five years, we relocated from Arkansas answering the call (as have many others) to come to one of the largest vortex areas of the United States.  We find combining Sedona energies with our own Qi-Gong energy teachings turns into a spiritual and  healing experience.  We hope that you will feel the same.  

We will be offering special retreats in the future.  So, please check back with us.  We plan to offer an unique heart opening experience; activating the energy that is around and inside of you.  

In the meantime, please check our class schedule and join us for a healing energy experience.  YOU are your own healer; we are the guide.

What we’re about

Wee Kong, Chee Kong? GeKong, Hong Gee? Don’t let the pronunciation make you shy away from trying it. It is pronounced “Chee Gong.” Simple, yes? So are the exercises and the purpose behind them. Qi-Gong for Health is a slow moving meditative exercise. Where else can you in one hour do gentle stretching, meditate to increase your energy and relax all at the same time? Tired of spending money on medications that don’t work? Try Qi-Gong. Have aches and pains that don’t go away? Try Qi-Gong. Facing a possible surgery if you don’t stop your stress, lose weight and change your eating habits? Then Qi-Gong may be for you.

No expensive equipment or special clothing is required and no extreme postures. You can sit or Stand for some or all of it. Join us for an evening session. We purposely scheduled an evening class for those who work. Exhausted after a day at work? Then you can just come and sit in a loving and calm atmosphere and be revived. Who knows? Maybe you will have enough energy to participate next time.

Learn to relax and meditate. When you are relaxed your body will start to heal itself.